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surprise and enjoyment, these coffees proved to be quite exceptional! The coffees that I recieved from them were
Camano Coffee Roasters employs a sustainable business model that is a for profit business, and also has a mission to help disadvantaged farmers throughout the world by helping them gain land ownership. They work directly with their farmers to improve quality of product as well as the quality of their lives! Some certification models do a good job of assisting farmers in acquiring a ‘fair’ price for their coffees and they do offer some great benefits, but to really make a huge impact you must work closely with the farmers and also focus on quality. This type of involvement is impossible to have with a large body such as fair trade certified. Having a certified coffee is the quick and easy way to purchase coffee that does benefit many farmers, but a truly sustainable model can be had without certification, and Camano Island is one example. When dealing with a company that doesn’t sell certified coffees, but claims to supports sustainability, the onus is on the consumer to do the research to ensure that they are being truthful. In this case, Camano Island Coffee Roasters is what they say they are, and I will gladly recommend them!

Nathan Smith

By Nathan Smith

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