Coffee’s Amazing Health Benefits

Watch this video on your iPhone / iPad!Have a coffee question? ASK COFFEENATE How many times did you hear about coffee being ‘bad for you’? For decades we have been bombarded by that very message. Luckily for coffee lovers everywhere, the past few years, and as recent as last week, have unveiled the truth…COFFEE IS GOOD FOR YOU! From what I’ve studied, the benefits of drinking coffee far outweigh any potential negatives. This video talks about some of the highlights of recent studies. Did you know that drinking coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, and even boost endurance and brain function? Below is a collection of just some of the stuff I’ve found recently. You could spend days or weeks finding even more great news about the health benefits of drinking coffee. The bottom line is that a multitude of highly respected health professionals are saying that we should not feel guilty about enjoying multiple cups of coffee per day, and it is even ‘good’ for us!

Nathan Smith

By Nathan Smith

Nate is a coffee loving, social media marketing, American guy, living in Canada. He loves meeting new people, and teaching them about making better coffee.

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