How To Cold Brew Coffee With The Toddy (video) :: CoffeeNate is a video coffee blog that teaches about coffee 5 minutes at a time!

Here is a great way to brew coffee for iced coffees you can make at home! You can actually brew coffee without using heat or electricity and create a sweet, smooth tasting cup of coffee. While you can certainly cold brew coffee with your French Press, as I showed you last year, but today’s post is a video tutorial on how to brew coffee in The Toddy cold brew coffee system.
Brewing coffee in The Toddy is quite simple. You just have to follow a few easy steps, and ignore some of the ‘advice’ in the instruction book!

Nathan Smith

By Nathan Smith

Nate is a coffee loving, social media marketing, American guy, living in Canada. He loves meeting new people, and teaching them about making better coffee.

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